Monday, January 22, 2007

Miga Korean & Japanese BBQ in Mississauga

I went out for lunch with my boyfriend on Saturday. Miga used to be St. Huberts about 2 or 3 years ago and is right beside Happy Court. We got there around 1pm and there was about 5 people in line ahead of us. There was no one at the counter to seat anyone and we had to wait for about 5 minutes for there to even be someone to come up to the front to acknowledge that there were people waiting at the door. We were seated within 10-15 minutes of walking into the restaurant. It's one thing not to be seated when the restaurant is busy, but it is something completely different to not be seated because there is no one to seat you.
Once we were seated, we browsed the fairly extensive menu. There's a good selection of Korean and Japanese food. We settled on 2 lunch specials and some beef dumplings. The dumplings were pretty good, and they didn't take long to arrive. We had the LA style beef and some pork. Both were tastey. Although I admit that I thought we were going to get to barbeque on the grill. I guess the lunch specials are pre-cooked.
Once we finished our lunch, we had to wait about 10-15 minutes to get the attention of someone in the restaurant to come give us our bill (forget about trying to get your plates cleared away). The bill was brought back to us, and the price was ok. About $20 per person for a fair amount of food (you get salad, soup, sides, and an orange with your meal). But once we had left our credit card there, it took another 10 or so minutes to get them to come pick it up!!! The service was just appaling in terms of waiting for someone to come serve you.
Good food, not great service.

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Lunch at Wangs Kitchen in Mississauga

I got a review on the site for this a while ago and had never even heard of the place even though I drive by the area frequently. Yesterday, I decided to figure out where it was and try it! Wangs Kitchen is a mix of Chinese and Indian food. I would say they specialize in spicy food. Their prices are very good for the quantity of food that you get.
There are only about 6 tables in this restaurant. I'm not too sure how busy things can get but takeout is always an option. There is a lunch menu where you can order a main dish and three sides. I'm not much of a fan of spicy food, but most of the items on their menu are spicy. I think I went for one of the least spicy items - the sweet and sour chicken - and even that had a bit of a kick! First, the soup and the spring rolls were brought out (2 of the 3 items that we chose). The spring roll was yummy, and the soup was a bit too goopey for me. Too much cornstartch. After that the main dish came out. I also had a side of rice, which was tasty. Overall, the food is pretty good. The space is a bit cramped though. The servers are very attentive and want to make sure that you have what you want!

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Lunch in Etobicoke at Big Papa's!!

With a name like Big Papa's what can go wrong? I went for lunch with some friends in Etobicoke. I was in a great mood because when I parked, I found a $50 bill in the parking lot.
The walls of Big Papa's are packed full of memorbilia, mostly Italian. I'd bet that during the World Cup in 06 this place was packed. There's a bar in the back, and an area for a small patio in the front. We sat near the window and benefited from the sun being out during the day.
There are a variety of lunch specials for $10 (including tax) that give you a drink, a soup/salad, and a 1/2 portion of whatever you order. They also have some funny challenges on the menu such as eating huge portions in an hour without being able to get out of your seat. I just had Ziti pasta, which is a cream based pasta with veggies and chicken. They don't really tell you what the veggies are, and I didn't like the ones that they gave me, so I passed them to my friend. The pasta was quite yummy. I also tried my friend's lobster ravioli which was also good.
I also had the homemade tiramisu. I had high expectations because it's homemade from an Italian restaurant, but it didn't quite measure up to my expectations.
Our waitress was very friendly and quick (until when we wanted to get our bill, that took a while). And the meal was fairly well priced.
Not too bad for a place to eat lunch. I don't know if I would go there for dinner though.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Red Lobster in Toronto (... or is that Scarborough?)

We thought that New Years Day we would go out for dinner rather than stay at home and make it (and get a trip to my grandfather's at the same time). We've been to this restaurant a few times before and it's pretty decent. There is usually a line up to get in but yesterday there were no problems, we walked right in.
We were seated behind the bar area (the first time I've been there), and didn't really have much problems with service. My dad got a flat coke for his rum and coke but that was quickly remedied.
I had the dish that had shrimp, crab (my favourite), and lobster. Sometimes servers foret to bring the crab crackers but they remembered this time.
Had coffee to finish off the night and was pleased with the meal and the service!

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