Monday, May 21, 2007

Dining over the long weekend

The long weekend is the perfect time to get out and enjoy life! During the weekend, I ended up visiting three different restaurants. Even though they were all ones I had been to before, I had some new experiences!

I went and had lunch at Viet Thai Restaurant. We have our favourites by now and order the same time every single time we get in there. That includes lemongrass chicken and beef noodles. The service was very quick this time and for 2 people, the total bill was about $30.

I also went for dinner at Baton Rouge. I had forgotten how expensive this place is simply because their portions are way too big for one person. They have a 16oz prime rib, and that's the only size you can order. Once we were seated, we ordered drinks. Then we had about a 10 minute wait between ordering our drinks and getting the server to come back so we could order our meal. Also, this place is really loud so you can hardly hear what your server is saying. The food is good, but just too much, so you have to take things home and get a huge hole in your wallet. For 2 people, the total bill was $80.

Finally, I went for a quick lunch to Boston Pizza. There was only one other group of people in the restaurant when we arrived, which I thought was kind of weird. I usually order their chicken sandwich but thought that maybe I should try something different, so I tried one of their pizzas. The "meateor" pizza was a meat pizza. However, there was a lot of oil and water under the pizza which made it a little soggy. I wasn't impressed and I think the next time I'll stick with the chicken sandwich. For 2 people, the total bill was $30.