Friday, September 22, 2006

Great Italian experience at Rocco's in Oakville

We ventured over to Oakville yesterday and walked up and down the streets there looking at menus for restaurants. Everything was too fancy for my tastes yesterday, but we settled on Rocco's Trattoria. Once inside the restaurant I felt like I was in a trendy Toronto restaurant. The downstairs is a bar and casual eating area while the upstairs is more geared towards people that want to stay and chat over their meal. Everything upstairs is painted a different, lively colour. Rocco's certainly gives off a fun vibe. Additionally, I loved the fact that there was a skylight in the middle of the room because it seemed to brighten things up a bit more.

Our server was attentive and quick (that is, until we had finished our meal). We were given delicious bread with oil and balsamic vinegar to start, a traditional Italian starting. However we were told that if we wanted to order pizzas it would take an additional 15-20 minutes. Unfortunately my mom wanted to order a pizza and decided that she better not (we were on a parking meter). I had chicken fettucini. The sauce was amazing! If only I could duplicate it for my own cooking!

Our waiter sort of disappeared after we were finished so it took us a while to get our bill. Other than the slight problems with the service (nothing too major though), it was a great experience!

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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lunch in Buffalo on Thursday, Dinner in Mississauga on Saturday

My mom and I took a trip down to Buffalo, New York on Thursday for some shopping and mailling. In the Wallden Galleria, we decided to try our luck at the restaurant Ruby Tuesday. I'm actually surprised that this restaurant hasn't found its way into Canada given the success of Kelsey's and other similar type restaurants. This place had the fastest service I've had for a long time! I went to the washroom before sitting down, and by the time I had returned, there was already a drink waiting for me at the table. Our waitress was fast throughout the whole meal. There was a lot to choose from on the menu, including a very extensive burger list (I guess burgers are their specialty?).
I had the chicken BLT burger and I was content with it. It was tasty, and of course, arrived very quickly. Before we were even fully finished, our waitress left the bill on our table. Quick quick quick!! Top marks for service at this restaurant!

Then on Saturday, we went to another family favourite, Happy Court. While not the more visually appealing restaurant, it's very consistent. The food is always the same, and so is the service. I enjoy their won-ton soup and that's always my first stop at their buffet. This visit I noticed some new items in their buffet, so it's nice to see them trying new things. Specifically the tiramisu dessert, that was great! I've never paid the bill there so I'm not too sure about its value in proportion to the food.
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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Family Dinner at The Blackhorn Dining Room

Close to my grandfather's house is a little hole in the wall restaurant called The Blackhorn Dining Room. Honestly, if I wasn't brought to this restaurant on my own, I never would have ventured into it because it looked like a dingy place that may not be too safe. I'm glad that I was taken there though, as it really is a gem!

The restaurant is run by a couple, who you see walking around the restaurant talking to the patrons. Our waitress recognized my grandfather, and gave us the same seat as he had eaten at the last time he was there. They are a very friendly staff, and even if they are a tad slow, they make up for it with their friendliness.

You get bread and pickles (delicious pickles, by the way!) as a starter. Then, if you choose a full entree, you get to choose from soup or salad. Their soups seem to be home made and are fantastic! I've had both pasta and steak there, both were great. Cooked just the way they should be.

Their dessert selection isn't that large. I've had the tartufo, which was just as it should be, but unlike any other restaurant.

Really, the main reason to visit this restaurant is for the service and friendly atmosphere.

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