Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Summer Eats

Here's a rundown of some of the restaurants I've been to this summer:

Bb33 Bistro - went for summerlicious. I really enjoyed it, despite it being in a hotel.

Kit Kat - another summerlicious restaurant. It was ok but nothing special. Their seafood bisque was very tasty though.

George Bigliardi's - my last summerlicious experience this summer. A pretty good steakhouse with more reasonable prices than other steakhouses in the city.

Swatow Restaurant - I've done takeout from here a couple of times this summer. They give you sooo much food. Great value!

Red Lobster - a fallback restaurant we go to. Service is hit and miss here. Good food, but you can only eat so much of it.

Peter's on Eglinton - another family favourite. Fantastic service, huge portions, great food!

The Pickle Barrel - again service here is hit and miss. Their menu is so long that it's too much to handle, but generally anyone can find something to eat.

Axia Restaurant and Bar - getting better over time. Really fresh food, but way too expensive.

Baton Rouge - really good food but the portions are ridiculously huge, which makes them too expensive. I don't understand why they don't just lower the portions and prices.