Thursday, October 26, 2006

A crappy lunch at Lucy's Seafood

I've been to Lucy's Seafood before for dinner, and gave it an overall ranking of 7/10. If I were to review based on my lunch today, it would be much lower.

We didn't have to wait at all for seating, but we were seated in an elevated booth that for some reason was really hard to get into. I had to go wash my hands before eating because we had just come from getting a pumpkin for Halloween, so my hands were dirty. The washroom was dark and not the nicest. I decided to order and appetizer (popcorn shrimp) and a salad. My mom ordered coconut shrimp and the soup. Our food came very quickly (I would give service an 8/10), but boy was I not impressed with *what* came. My popcorn shrimp were plentiful and pretty tasty. The salad on the other hand? Bad lettuce and not enough dressing. Gross!!
My mom's soup was ok, but she was only given 3 coconut shrimp (for a price of $7.50!?). Our bill came out to $32 for lunch. It was ridiculous. I'd probably rate the food I have a 4 or 5/10.

Not a good experience overall. I won't be going back for lunch.

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

First time at Boston Pizza in Mississauga

I don't really know what made me decide to go there, but I went to Boston Pizza with my mom a week ago for lunch. The atmosphere there is very... sports bar-ish. There is a lot to choose off the menu, so all appetites can be satisfied here. Side note: Why is this place called Boston Pizza? From my understanding, it is a chain that started in Canada. So why not Toronto Pizza?

Anyways, our server was very attentive. However getting the food was too slow for the type of restaurant, type of food, and number of people in the restaurant at the time. I expected much quicker service in that aspect. I did get a refill on my drink without having to ask for it though, so that was nice.

As for the food, I enjoyed mine. I had a chicken ciabatta sandwich, and the mayo they had on it was delicious! Some type of garlic mayo. Yum. But really, this is nothing I couldn't get elsewhere. I might go back, I might not. It was nothing spectacular.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Lunch at a new restaurant in Mississauga - Axia

A recent review was given over at ResToronto Reviews by a friend of mine for a new restaurant in Mississauga. It's fairly close to my home so I decided to go yesterday with my mom. It's in a new building and looks pretty cool from the outside. The interior is nice looking as well, and is Asian inspired since the restaurant serves Asian food. I think I was most amazed at the menu however. It was about 15 pages long, and seperated by ethnicity. There were lunch specials, Chinese food, Japanese food (including a couple pages of sushi), Korean, and Viet/Thai. There's also about 2 pages of curry. My mom ordered off the lunch menu (a Bento box that comes with soup and tea), and I ordered off the regular menu (Cantonese chow mein, and a strawberry-banana shake).
The waiter was obviously very new to the job. You could tell he was trying hard, but you could also notice the little things. Like how he didn't realize that he should ask if you wanted something to drink before ordering your whole meal, and that you should bring everyone's food at the same time. He also seemed to forget my mom's soup, and only brought her tea with the bill (the tea was excellent though). Definately not the best service right now, but I can see it improving over time.
The meals were VERY fresh! Some of the freshest shrimp I think I've ever had at a restaurant. I was taken by surprise when there was squid (or at least I think it was squid) in my cantonese chow mein. I'm not an adventurous eater, and I'm sorry but they just don't look appealing at all! I took them off my plate and the rest was delicious!
This place isn't cheap though. For the 2 of us, I think it ended up costing just under $40.

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

One of my favourite restaurants - Saucy in Streetsville/Mississauga

My family is repeat eaters at Saucy's in Streetsville. We just can't get enough there (and everytime we go in we convince ourselves we're going to order something other than the usual but only 1/2 the time are we successful).

If you are visiting this place on the weekend, make reservations ahead of time or else you will be sitting in the bar area on stools that aren't too comfortable. Also, if you can, there's a table that's tucked away beside a window and behind the wine rack at the front. It's a great table. Request it if you can! Also, this restaurant is a 19+ restaurant, so don't expect to be able to bring your kids there!

We started off with bruschetta, and once we had finished all the bread (but still had tomatoes left), we were given extra garlic bread at no additional cost. There's always great service here (though I've always wondered why there is never a male waiter?). I ordered my favourite, the chicken linguini, and others ordered pasta, lamb, and a sirloin. All if it was fantastic! And the portions are huge (not something you would expect from a restaurant like this). It's more than enough to take home and fill you up once again for lunch.

I splurged and had a tiramisu for dessert - also very good (but pretty pricey at $10).
My only complaint - their coffee is pretty bad. It's way too strong and bitter.

This is a great place to go to! I go with friends and family.

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